Our recordplayer covers

Dust is collecting on your recordplayer all the time while dust is the vinyl player's biggest enemy. It sounds horrible and damages your records while playing.  Brushing your records before playing is one step, keeping your player free from dust the next! 

We have dustcovers in various sizes to also suit your player.  Affordable!

As basic material we use PMMA Acrylic sheets from high quality suppliers. The sheets are cut to size and all edges are machined to 45 degrees. Then the panels are glued together. So our covers are not folded but glued to sharp 90 degree edges. The thickness of all panels is 4mm.


Machined to precision

For some covers it is more simple to shape the acrylic material by CNC cutting and then folding it to the desired shape by use of a rig and heat. We do this for small covers like the one for the Okki Nokki record cleaning machine. On the left and right side you'll find a cut-out grip for easy handling. The height of our cover for the Okki Nokki is slightly higher then the original to obtain a better fit. Same for the width and depth which we increased by 5mm.

Universal cover and specials


Cover Company Cover 2

On the left and right side you'll find a cut-out grip for easy handling. At the back we made a centered 32x5 cm cut-out for power and signal cables. All edges as well as the side-grips and cable cut-out at the back are polished for a smooth look and feel. All together our covers are quality made.... and still affordable.

Have a look at our standard sizes and see if we have a cover that fits your turntable. Wall thickness is 4mm so total inside dimensions (compared to the outside dimensions) are 8mm less for width and depth and 4mm less for height.

Our univercal cover is also made by first CNC machining and then folding to shape. It is laying direct on the turntable's platter to keep dust of, it is centered by the spindle to keep the right position. Three bumpers keep a small distance between platter and cover.

The arm is protected against damaging but not fully against dust as air can still flow over the arm. Our universal cover will fit most turntables with 9 inch tonearm.

Cover Company Cover 2

Cover Company Cover 1

Cover Company Cover U/1 on Michell Technodec